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Healthy Superfoods From EnerHealth Botanicals

Healthy Superfoods From EnerHealth Botanicals

When the troops at war, who is left to take care of home? Though this might seem like a strange way to begin an article on energy, the fact of the matter is that our immune system is in many ways the army that fights the essential battles that protect our bodies against a wide array of external invaders, be they bacteria, viruses or other pathogens such as candida.Feeding such an army requires the appropriate nutrition, specific support and a targeted approach, in order to ensure that all possible bases are covered. Leaving the analogy aside for a moment, if our bodies are under attack or our immune system is compromised, a great deal of the energy reserves we have available are going to be used to strengthen and boost immune function.In an essentially healthy body, the average person will consume adequate daily nutrition to sustain health. When under attack we need not only our normal daily requirements to stay healthy, but in addition specific nutrients that protect our cells and also compounds that specifically target pathogens. 

A targeted approach:A strong immune system keeps the invaders at bay. Weakened cells are more susceptible to attack from pathogens. In order to keep cells healthy, a diet rich in foods that contain high levels of antioxidants is essential. Such foods are fresh, preferably raw, fruits and vegetables, with certain foods having a notably higher level of antioxidant content. Some foods that are becoming more respected for their antioxidant potential are green foods, blueberries, noni, mangosteen, goji berries etc… I highly recommend consuming a good greens formula such as Enerfood. Get your antioxidants along with high quality absorbable nutrition. In addition to cell protection through antioxidant nutrition, certain compounds that can be taken as supplements, display great anti-pathogenic action. I highly recommend the use of high quality coconut products, such as extra virgin coconut oil and coconut milk powder. Essential fatty acids in coconut milk, such as lauric, caprylic and capric acids, consistently display their potent anti-pathogenic ability against a wide range of harmful bacteria, viruses and candida.

When our bodies no longer have to fight off these harmful invaders, we have more energy available for building healthy cells and simply enjoying life. Coconut is unique in that in addition to its anti-pathogenic abilities, as a rich source of medium chain fatty acids, it provides us with fat in a form that can be instantly burned for energy. Essentially speaking it saves us energy while giving us more energy at the same time. Medicinal mushrooms: We can further support the immune system by using a select and unique formulation called Immune Assist; a combination of potent, time tested extracts from medicinal mushrooms that have been used in China for millennia. Modern science has consistently in double blind studies, shown the ability of medicinal mushrooms to perform several important immune enhancing actions. Compounds contained within immune assist increase the rate at which natural killer cells travel within the body. They speed up the maturation rate and proliferation of important immune cells such as T cells, macrophages and Natural Killer cells. Stimulation of these immune cells leads to the production of substances such as Interferon, Interleukin and Tumour Necrosis Factor all of which aid the immune system in its fight against cancer and other disease states. All in all having more energy depends upon many factors. A healthy balanced diet is essential and should contain plentiful servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those containing deep pigments such as dark greens, purples, reds, oranges, blues, yellows etc…. all of which are potent in their anti-oxidant capacity. Supporting immune system function with the use of coconut products and medicinal mushrooms can be particularly effective Exercising regularly and sleeping sufficiently can also be of great help. A regular colon cleanse at home can also support a strong immune system and higher energy levels.

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