Home Food and Drink Great Food vs Great Experience Which one is more important?

Great Food vs Great Experience Which one is more important?

Great Food vs Great Experience Which one is more important?

If you had to pick one when dining out, would you go to the restaurant that has great food or to the restaurant that has amazing interior design and great atmosphere. We all know that the most successful restaurants, bars, cafe have both great food and amazing atmosphere. But there are places that we just go because we love the food, or maybe we just fit in with the atmosphere and the people are great.  Few days ago my wife and I went to a great restaurant, the food was amazing and the price was great around $25 per/plate, but the experience was not so great. The place was boring and the atmosphere was dead, the inside was nothing special white walls and few decorative paintings, there was no mood in that restaurant it was more like a school cafeteria, and people seems like their don’t even want to be there.  Even thought the food was amazing we probably will never go there again. Did you ever been in a restaurant that was missing one or the other, food vs experience?

Benefits of free internet (wi-fi) in restaurants,bars,deli,cafe…

One of the best ways to get more customers into your restaurant, coffee shop, deli, cafe is to offer free internet access. Lets face it, the cost of free internet is very minimum compare to all the benefits you as a business owner will get. As you know more and more people meet at cafe, bars, restaurants for a business, and one of the important factor for them is to access the internet. If your place offers a free internet access they will more likely come to you. Once you get those customers they will come back because you offer them what they need and want, so you will benefit from returning customers. When I walk by a cafe, coffee shop or a deli and see a lot of empty seats it bothers me that by doing a simple thing as providing free internet access those seats could be fill by people buying coffee, bagels or a sandwich wile browsing the internet. And as we all know when we see a place full of people we are more likely to go and check it out as to a place with no people and empty seats, it brings negative vibe. So you as a business owner should invest in installing free internet access for your customers and in return they will bring you more business.

Student Discount = Free Social Media Buzz

You are a business owner, working seven days a week, sixteen hours a day. You heard about this thing call social media and that it can bring you a lot of business, but you have no time to create Twitter account or Facebook account. And then who has time to update that everyday. So how can a restaurant, deli, bar, cafe… owner get some buzz through social media. Its easy, You know that 85% of social media users are people between age of 18-30 years old, and most of them are college students. Give some discount to college students  20% off your order. Free Coffee with a purchase of bagel or sandwich. You know a free cup of coffee goes a long way, how about a free buzz all over the social media. Students will twit/text message to all their friends about this “student discount” cafe, bar, deli… Now you have student customers coming everyday and buzzing about your great place that offers them “Free Coffee” that cost you a 10 cents per cup, and look how much buzz/free advertisement you did for your business, Now everybody is talking about that place with student discount. Good Job, let others work for you for a “cup of coffee”.

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