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Frozen Yogurt – The Healthy Ice Cream

Frozen yogurt is the ace trend of all frozen desserts. Frozen desserts came into light much like every other food trend on this planet – the internet. With a multitude of reasons why these desserts are commonly consumed, they became one of the leading dessert options for people in their teens and young adults. 

What is Frozen Yogurt?

Frozen yogurt is partially the name itself – yogurt that is frozen. It is yogurt, milk and cream-based dessert which is then chilled to give a smooth yet ice-cream like texture. It is made from cultured milk and hence gives a slightly sour taste – both as an undertone and an after taste. This gives the dessert more depth and flavour, typically not liked by younger children but caters to the older ones. 

It is flavoured and uses sweetener much like any other dessert. A wide variety of frozen yogurt flavours are available now since it has gained so much popularity in recent times.

Ice Cream Vs Frozen Yogurt: the Never-ending Battle

Many people often get confused between ice creams and frozen yogurt. And that is understandable of a problem. 

There are fundamental differences between ice creams and frozen yogurt. The nutritional and flavour differences are secondary. Ice creams are made with dairy or non-dairy products with sweeteners and flavours. They are churned until frozen, quite literally. However, the term frozen yogurt might be a fundamentally incorrect term. Frozen yogurt isn’t frozen but is an amalgamation of yogurt, milk and cream mixed together and chilled with desired flavours and sweeteners. It is different upon the basis of ingredients itself, and in addition, varies vastly based on the flavour profile. 

Frozen Yogurt is a Health Freak’s Ice Cream?

Nutritional differences amount to a lot of difference in today’s health-conscious market. Frozen yogurt is proven to be more healthy than ice cream as it has lesser calories and fat content. However, everything on the market today is available in vegan, low fat and low-calorie options, it then nullifies the argument for the general ice-cream and frozen yogurt options.

The sweeteners added along with the flavours play a very important role in the nutritional label of the desserts.


Frozen desserts have always caught the eye of the passers-by and froyos do it even better. They are available in multiple frozen yogurt shops which give the customers the freedom to make their own customized frozen yogurt dessert which adds on to the experience. The idea of personalization is a good marketing strategy which has been tapped globally. Along with the shops, frozen yogurt is now packaged much like ice cream to be sold as wholesale. This has played a huge role in globally outsourcing frozen yogurt.

Trends set on a daily basis, especially in the food industry. New foods are always popping up but nothing can replace desserts in the heart of the people all around the world. If you haven’t tried frozen yogurt already, what are you waiting for? Hop on the wagon of fun!

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