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How To Make Primal Lemonade

Today, kids are fed very sugary, carb heavy foods and drinks from a very young age. Pizza, doughnuts, fruit juice, Kool-Aid, HiC, sports drinks-these foods are loaded with sugar, GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) and carbs. Many parents don’t think it’s that big of a deal to feed kids carbs and sugar (or themselves for that matter). In fact, it has become the norm. Social gatherings, restaurant foods and even home cooked dinners tend to be carb heavy. And, this carb dominant diet (even moderate amounts of carbs) is the number one cause of chronic and degenerative disease. Here is why. We are told that glucose is the body and brains primary source of energy. Glucose is sugar and is a byproduct of eating carbs, sugars, grains and starches in the diet. It is true, glucose is our primary source of fuel-when it is the largest source available. 

Our ancient ancestors, seven generations ago and beyond, did not burn glucose as fuel. Instead, they burned saturated fats and ketones as fuel. This is the fuel that we have gone away from and that we have swapped with glucose. However, burning glucose as fuel is our body’s back-up system, it is not the system we are biologically wired to burn fuel as. Our mitochondria, the molecules responsible for making energy, can produce all the fuel we need from saturated fats and cholesterol rich foods. This is the way our body’s are designed to burn fuel. We have been burning fuel from saturated fats and ketones for eons and eons. This is what our body’s are designed to do. It is how are body’s are wired. Burning glucose as fuel is simply a result of our modernized carb heavy diets.

Burning ketones and fats as fuel is the number one way to prevent chronic and degenerative disease.

Burning ketones and fats as fuel is like putting high octane fuel into your tank-energy levels increase, free radical load decreases, plaque build-up stops and even begins to reverse itself, mental clarity increases and overall wellbeing gets a huge boost. However, when we burn glucose instead of ketones and fats as fuel, we set the stage for both acute and chronic disease. Burning glucose as fuel increases AGE or more commonly known as free radical production. We all have free radicals floating around our body to some extent. However, when we eat foods that produce glucose as fuel, we increase our free radical load by as much as ten times as those on a Primal Foods ketogenic diet. Many diseases are now directly related to burning glucose as fuel-these are referred to as Metabolic Diseases. These are diseases directly correlated to eating sugar, carbs, grains, starchy foods and fruits and include: cancer, diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, obesity, autism, heart disease, Parkinson’s and ALS. We can stop throwing dollars out the window to big corporations conniving us to donate money so they can quest for a cure.

The cure has been known for years and years and years. They know this, but they would never admit it or their funding would be cut off. The cure is in our diet. Many find this to be an unromantic cure-there’s no fancy bells or whistles, there’s no specialized machines or blood tests. There’s just…saturated animal fats, organic foods and fermented foods and beverages. Seven generations ago, our ancient ancestors didn’t have cancer, arthritis, diabetes, MS, fibromyalgia-these things didn’t exist until we changed our diet. We have removed saturated fats and cholesterol from the diet and have replaced them with carbs, starches, grains, fruits and low-fat foods. We have swapped butter, beef tallow, lamb tallow and lard for vegetable oils. And, as a result we have become a very toxic, glucose-burning nation. 

We can change that!

You can start initiating change by voting with your dollar. When you buy organic foods, grass-fed meats and fats and grass-fed, full-fat plain dairy products-particularly from your local farmer and food co-op, you are sending the message to big corporations that we do not support their foods or practices.

And, you can also initiate change by starting to eat Primal Foods! 

My Primal Lemonade is a great place to start. This is a really simple, easy-to-follow recipe that is very low in sugar-in fact, most of the mineral rich sugar in this recipe is consumed by beneficial microbes during the fermentation process making this beverage a healthy choice for kids and adults. I highly recommend substituting sugary drinks, sports drinks, sodas and energy drinks for my Primal Lemonade. It will do your gut, body and wellbeing a whole lot of good!


2-quart wide-mouth mason jar

Juice from 6 fresh squeezed lemons

1/2 cup sauerkraut juice

1/4 cup sucanat

1 tablespoon grated whole nutmeg

2 quarts humic & fulvic water


Place all ingredients in your mason jar. 

Fill with humic & fulvic water. 

Seal lid on tight, shake well and set on counter for 3 days at room temperature then move to cold storage.

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