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Breakfast food in the Eastern Mediterranean

Breakfast food in the Eastern Mediterranean

Breakfast food in the Arabic Mediterranean can be as basic as flat bread and white cheese, as nutritious as an Egyptian fava bean casserole, or as colorful as a Turkish breakfast buffet. It’s your call. Traditional Mediterranean Arabic breakfast food is healthy by definition. Consider hummus with pita bread. Or the very popular Lebanese manoushe, the breakfast pizza-like pastry topped with feta cheese, thyme and sesame seeds, drizzled with olive oil, and eaten with olives. So, here there are some specific Mediterranean diet breakfast ideas.

A complete healthy breakfast

Here’s some delicious breakfast food eaten in most Arabic Eastern Mediterranean countries. Now, you can find the basic ingredients wherever you live in the world.

Fresh loaves of khubuz or Arabic bread, meaning pita or any other flat bread

Feta or white cheese made from goat milk or ewe’s milk

A bowl of olives, black and green

Labneh, a cream cheese-like strained yogurt

Extra virgin live oil for drizzling

Cucumber slices and tomato wedges

Sweet tea or Arabic coffee depending on the country or personal preferences

Traditionally, such breakfast food isn’t eaten with spoon, fork or knife, but you use pieces of bread to scoop up the white cheese and the labneh.

Anyway, if you prefer to spread the cheese on your pita bread, go ahead and use a knife, of course!

More breakfast foods

Falafel with pita bread, tomato slices, a few salad leaves, onion, tahini sauce. Eat it as a sandwich or on a plate. Egyptian also eat falafel for breakfast, but they call it taameya and it’s made with fava beans.

Another simple morning meal is pieces of pita or other flat bread dipped in labneh cream cheese.

Or you can dip the bread in olive oil and zaatar.

Zaatar is Arabic for thyme, but it’s also a mixture of ground sumac (a berry) sesame seeds, and thyme that you blend into a paste with olive oil.

Zataar makes a delicious �and certainly very healthy� spread for your morning pita bread. It’s used on top of the pizza-like manouche, and to accompany eggs and yogurt too.

Hummus is another breakfast food popular among Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian. Eat it with pita bread too, and a green onion or scallion.

Accompany each of those morning meals with some tea, mint tea or Arabic coffee.daily light breakfast and drink a coffee.

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