Ways To Make Your Kids Birthday Extra Special

Do you want to make your kids day extra special? If so, then you should organise all the party essentials such as the invitations, games, favours, venue, and more. Aside from these details, you should also prepare the food that you will serve to your visitors, like pasta, fish and chips, cupcakes and more. After eating the main course, you should also offer them some sweets like cakes. To ensure that the desserts you bake are healthy, you should use raw or organic ingredients such as the following.

Cacao butter

Your pastries will certainly taste delicious when using this custom product. This is also known as theobroma oil, which comes in a pale-yellow colour. Its mild chocolate aroma and flavour will definitely make your sweets more delectable. Moreover, this works well when mixed with carob powder, coconut oil, and lucuma.


If you want to add more flavour to your treats, you can opt to add dried grapes. However, it is ideal that you choose organic ones to ensure that they are not only nutritious, but are tasty as well.

Purple corn

This vegetable is a great addition to chocolates and raw cakes since it adds a crumbly texture, hence making it light and more delectable. This ingredient contains anthocyanins and phenolics, which are known to have high bioactive and antioxidant properties.

Dried apricot

This fruit is rich in iron and fibre. Adding this to your treats can add extra sweetness that your child and his/her guests will surely love.

Coconut butter

Unlike the other types of oils, this item is virgin and unrefined. As such, this can make your pastries tastier especially if you combine it with other raw ingredients such as carob powder, nuts, dried fruits, and more.

White mulberries

These items are usually hard, hence, it is advisable that you chop or grind them using a food processor. These products can add sweet and aromatic flavour to your mouth-watering treats. for more ideas,designs,recipes please explore our site.

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