Pod Tips and Tricks: The Most Important Things No One Can Tell You About

It has been compared to smoking a lot. Vaping is a lot like smoking. However, there are some things you need to know about vaping.

Modern e-cigs, such as the AquaVape Pod Air or My Blu starter kits, pax 2 uk are easy to use.

Although most pod devices are easy to use, there are some tricks and tips that will enhance your pod vaping experience.

However, pod systems can also have potential problems. It is important to be aware of these issues and how to resolve them.

These nuggets are useful and revealing for pod users.

The majority of single-use pods can be refilled.

The most popular pod vape kits up until recently were those with single-use pods that could be disposed of after using the pod.

These pod kits offer convenience and are great for vapers . However, they can also create a lot of plastic waste, which is a problem for eco-conscious vapers.

It can be argued that disposable kits are more expensive than refillable pod systems. They average in the range of PS3- PS4 per kit.

Most manufacturers will recommend a single-use-and-dispose approach, but unbeknownst to many users, there’s a hack that allows you to convert these units to refillable devices, albeit briefly.

Remove the mouthpiece from the top of the pod. You will find a rubber stopper underneath that prevents leakage. You can remove the stopper and fill the pod with water. Then, you can put everything back together again.

You can usually do this multiple times before you feel the need to discard the pod.

Inhaling slowly will produce more vapour.

Most pod devices use airflow sensors to generate vapour when you draw automatically. If you are using an airflow sensor device (versus one that uses manual buttons), it is important to be familiar with the best way to inhale.

There is often a misconception that vaping devices will produce more vapour if you draw harder like regular cigarettes. The truth is that harder inhales won’t produce bigger clouds. This applies to all ecig devices, not just pod systems.

Always allow room for a vape pen.

It’s a good idea to allow some space at the top for refillable pod devices like the AV Click & Vape kit.

This ensures that e-liquid does not escape from the pod after you replace the silicon or rubber stopper.

A little extra space at the top of your pod helps to create an internal vacuum that serves an important function: it prevents your device from leaking any e-juice.

Cover your pod vent to get a stronger hit

If you inhale on your pod device, you can adjust the airflow to fix the problem, but it is not refillable.

Air bubbles cause dry hits. Here are some ways to fix them

Standard pod vapes come with a pair of small silica wicks which deliver liquid from the reservoir to the coil. Air is what travels through the heating coil assembly. This can lead to bubbles around one or both of these wicks.

These air bubbles can cause a halt in the flow of e-liquid to the heating coil, which can lead to a compromise in your vape experience.

A pod kit with temperature protection will either produce weak hits or no vapour. A device without temperature protection will deliver dry hits.

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