How to Dehydrate Chicken Safely

Food drying, or food dehydration, has been used for centuries and can be used for many different foods including chicken. Dehydration means the water is removed from the food, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Removing water from food is a cheap and easy method of food preservation. Dehydrated foods are space efficient and keep for a long time.


How Does Food Dehydration Work?

If you want to know how to dehydrate chicken, you will need a dehydrating machine. This works by drying and circulating the air and absorbing the water from the food you have placed in it. The air temperature is low enough to dry the food without cooking it.


Home-dried food tastes better than commercially dried foods because you do not add the preservatives and additives when dehydrating food at home that a commercial dehydration company would use.Chicken breasts can be used in all kinds of tasty dishes. You can pound them with

the smooth side of a meat mallet and then pan-fry them in about four minutes if

you want dinner in a hurry. Alternatively, what about poaching your chicken in

white wine or rubbing spices into it and baking it? You could eat chicken every day

for years and never have the same recipe twice.


Classic chicken recipes like chicken carbonara, chicken marsala, chicken alfredo,

and chicken fajitas are always delicious and you can also get more unusual

chicken recipes if you fancy something different. What about using your grill to

smoke some chicken and making a gourmet salad with the smoked chicken?


If you have a crockpot, you can try delightful recipes like cranberry chicken,

chicken and broccoli casserole or low fat chicken merlot and mushrooms.

Crockpots are handy for cooking many types of meat and you can cook a whole

chicken breast in four hours on the low setting. Crockpot cooking is great because

the flavors really blend well in there and chicken cooked in liquid comes out juicy

and succulent.

All through my childhood some relatives of us who were farmers gave my family

four free-range chickens every Christmas. Since then that have a lot of respect for

these animals, and that do my best to buy free-range chickens that wander

happily pecking corn grains. Even in the small town of Majorca where now live

have free-range chickens and certified organic chickens available. They are a little

more expensive, but you do with a smaller amount, and the chicken recipes

cooked with this chicken meat are beyond compare.


When our parents were young, chicken was a rather expensive meat, and chicken

recipes were kept for Sundays or special feasts. Now chicken dishes are

inexpensive, and any home cook with some ability can create outstanding chicken

recipes that will please old and young alike.


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